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Opus Magnum 23 is a project of the Apocryphal Order launched in 2018 and the best way to protect their secret society from state authorities. © Der Apokryphe Orden

The Apocryphal Order is a German Order founded in 2010 (link to archive.org with date of foundation) and welcomes you warmly to this media presence.

The Apocryphal Order was founded in spring 2010 as a non-profit foundation to democratize the freedom of expression of secret societies. The aim of the Order of the Apocrypha is to educate and protect the secret societies affiliated to the Order. It should be ensured that the common goal of introducing a «New World Order» is not endangered under any circumstances if there is imminent danger during surveillance by secret services or the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. According to the philosophy of the Apocryphal Order, all supported secret societies and their connections should be protected from state secret services.

«Opus Magnum 23» is your first choice when you and your secret society are persecuted by state authorities.

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.~ Not everything you are told counts!  But not everything that counts can be told.  Experience it in the Order of the Apocrypha. ~.

© 2010-2020 Der Apokryphe Orden - All rights reserved. ~ By using this media presence, you acknowledge the regulations, imprint and data protection information. In statu nascendi (In the state of origin). All contents of the Apocryphal Order represent the temporary state of a continuous working process of a literary work in the style of H.P. Lovecraft, are subject to copyright and are developed in the form of a browser game. In order to be able to reflect on the Apocryphal Order in terms of reality and context, we recommend participation only from a minimum age of 23 years.   Anno Domini Nostri Demiurgus ~ Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Mundi .
.~ Don't believe a word we say, 23.  Don't trust anyone!  Make up your own mind! ~.

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