Canon of the „Opus Magnum 23“ project

About the canon of the project 'Opus Magnum 23' - Graphic: © Der Apokryphe OrdenThe canon of the „Opus Magnum 23“ project serves as a source of information for seekers on the findings of the Apocrypha Order.

In consultation with the Council of Grand Officers, it provides background information on the theses put forward and thus helps to prevent the fading out of the reality of our multiverse.

The Multiversum, its Parallel Universes and Parallel Worlds
Interested seekers get an insight into the world view of our multiverse, its parallel universes and parallel worlds defined by the Apocryphal Order.
Connected parallel worlds are designated for better understanding with the code number of their respective parallel universe. In their totality they finally represent the multiverse known to us.

Definitions of terms used
Various philosophical and psychological disciplines are used to create „mental information units“ that are valid and understandable for all parallel worlds. This enables an understandable, comprehensive and valid knowledge presentation in all worlds.

Contents of the canon
Components included in the canon were unanimously decided by the Grand Council of Officials for the purpose of publication and are as valid as possible in all affiliated worlds. If this is not the case, or if deviations arise, this will be indicated in an exposed place.

The Council of Grand Officials
The various representatives of affiliated parallel worlds together form the Grand Council of Officials of the Apocrypha Order.

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